About Colette

Colette is a wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, nature lover and medicine woman.

Colette has worked in the community services sector for many years and in all of this work, she recognised themes that run through everyone’s lives, which are that the body and mind are not separate, and we all as humans need connection, to be healthy vital beings.

Added to this Colette completed a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine in 2010, where she was able to immerse in a field that she had been passionate about since being a young woman. Her love of, basic natural medicine, has been something she has embraced in her life for her own and her families, and friends’ wellbeing. Ongoing training, has ensured that her knowledge and skills have continued to grow and develop. Everything we need is provided by nature if only we know where to look!

Colette is an intuitive herbalist. She blends her knowledge of herbs with other skills such as Reiki, Bush Flower Essences, basic nutrition, and counselling skills, to work with each individual, ensuring that their specific needs are met in a holistic manner that optimises health and well-being.

Health and vitality are often taken for granted but we need to not only work for them but to also take responsibility for our own bodies and health, and create the life we want, to be whole and complete. We cannot dismiss the importance of connection, passions, exercise, healthy whole foods, healthy relationships, and our spirituality. All of these, effect the state of our physical health. People are not a set of components that exist in isolation, we are a whole entity and when we separate it out and only look at one aspect at the expense of others, I believe we do not reach optimum homeostasis.

When you enter the rooms of an Herbal Medicine practitioner you are making a pledge to work as a team and take responsibility for your own journey to health. There is no magic wand and natural medicine is not a quick fix. It often took many years for conditions to arise, and herbal medicine does not target the symptoms (although it often does), but rather it addresses the underlying causes of the illness and works on the bodily functions and organs to create healing at the source of the issue.

Our motto is to treat the person, not the illness. Our job is to assist you, and walk with you, on your healing journey.